North Carolina State University
M.S.c in Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Biology
​2018 - 2020
Mississippi State University 
Non Degree Seeking Student
Wildlife Fisheries and Aquaculture
Tuskegee University
B.S. in Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Plant Sciences; Wildlife Concentration
​2014 - 2018

Microsoft Office

Basic Web Design



R (Beginner)


Google G Suite

Triangle Bird Count Research Technician
  • Conducted avian point count surveys.

  • Created maps using ArcMap looking at greenspaces, bird occurrence data and income data layers

  • Created story maps using arc online and arc map.

  • Managed program volunteers and organized program training workshops.

  • Collected 360 images for VR outreach programs and future vegetation analysis.

  • Created new content to update website as needed

  • Designed bird based activities for community engagement programs

USDA Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center Animal Care and Research Intern
Starkville Mississippi



  • Collected routine health parameters such as blood samples, body temperatures and fecal samples from Great Egrets and feral swine, as well as administer euthanasia at close of study.

  • Performed necropsies of Double Crested Cormorants and Lesser Scaup and retrieve various body samples including feathers, muscle tissue, sub-q fat, blood, liver, upper and lower GI as well as gained experience sexing Double Crested Cormorants and Lesser Scaup. 

  • Performed stomach content analysis of Double Crested Cormorants and Lesser Scaup, gaining experience with fish ID, macro-invertebrate ID and seed ID.

  • Provide daily animal care for research animals including feeding and cleaning.

  • Completed data collection for various projects.



Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee REU



  • Conducted independent toxicology research on honey bee larvae.

  • Became familiar with proper lab safety, common lab tools, and became comfortable working with common chemicals within a lab.

  • Conducted hive inspections and maintenance in 4 different hives across Atlanta


English (Native)

Audubon Coastal Resilience Intern
  • Monitored Pelican Nests

  • Banded Royal Terns 

  • Created strategic plan for engaging new research partners

  • Created "priority species" document for restoration project

Bird Banding


  • Assisted with the capture of red tailed hawks using Bal-cha-tri traps. Restrained Red-tailed Hawks while wing chord, weight and other measurements were taken

  • Released song birds after capture and banding from mist netting procedures during Ornithology lab

Bird ID


  • Experience with Eastern North American bird ID through both sight and sound through field intensive Ornithology course.

  • Co-organized inaugural #BlackBirdersWeek online social media campaign.

  • Organized Facebook Livestream Discussion #BirdingWhileBlack for #BlackBirdersWeek

  • Led a bird walk and intro to citizen science program for 66 6th graders during Carrington Middle School’s Inaugural Science Day.

  • Led a bird banding demonstration and bird walk for Raleigh Parks 2020 Youth Conservation Program.


  • Assisted in organizing the 2019 Southeast CASC Regional Science Symposium

  • Organized the Research Poster Session for the 2019 Southeast Climate Adaptation Center Regional Science Symposium.

  • Planned the “Food and Water Security under a Changing Climate” Seminar for the USGS Global Change Fellow Seminar Series at NCSU.

  • Assisted with the planning of the “Wildfire Management Under a Changing Climate” seminar for the USGS Global Change Fellow Seminar Series at NCSU.

  • Created interactive activities including 360 habitat videos and bird ID games for Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC) Visitors.

  • Created bird watching activities for 45+ high school students at NCSU Environmental Career Day.


  • Assisted the website development for the R.L Rabb Science Research Symposium held at NCSU.